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Hi there. I’m Johnathan Reid.

Thank you for visiting my Substack, which aims to showcase my passion for words and ideas, and is a great way to connect with other curious minds.

I write a weekly newsletter that cycles through various forms of prose and poetry writing, encompassing a common speculative theme of human society’s near-future evolution. I also provide insights and reflections on my creative process.

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One version of me.

Flash Fiction

These pieces are a veritable hotch-potch of prompts, triggers and random thoughts turned into prose. Variety is the spice of life. They might mirror my thinking about a topic or be utterly fantastical. Treat them like Momma Gump’s chocolate box.

Be aware that free subscribers or new readers don’t get to nibble on every flashy morsel, whereas paid subscribers can dine whenever and on whatever they like.

Short Stories

Here they are - just for you. Take your pick of the varied flavourings: cathartic, erotic, satirical. I hope their quality makes up for the still growing volume. They take some effort to create and so are generally reserved for the more discerning gaze of my paid subscribers.


For all my subscribers, free or paid, I send fresh, original poems to you every month. My readers have told me they might variously laugh, cry or sigh on reading them. I’ve also had some minor public successes (see here and here).

I find poetry comes from deeper within the heart, exposing you to the world more intimately than fictional prose. It’s a necessary thing for any poet to get used to, a consequence of choice, nerves sometimes tingling, other times wracked.

Don’t forget, all of my poetry on Substack will be forever free to all my subscribers and any passing visitors.

Serialised Fiction

This is currently a gap in my Substack portfolio. How big, I’m still not sure. I continue to watch, read and learn from those offering this interesting alternative to the traditional novel. If you do crave for it to be filled by my writing, then please let me know. I’ll of course keep you posted if or when that happens.


My novels are the elephants in my study. The portions of them which do prematurely escape often find themselves captured by a paid subscriber’s inbox. The first novel I’m querying with agents (it’s beginning beat 1500 other writers into the shortlist of a respected competition); the second I’m deep into the first draft; the third is currently only an outline.

They are the (mostly) hidden beasts which have dominated my thoughts for the past few years. ‘Start out with smaller pieces’, they said. ‘Don’t give up the day job’, they said. ‘Just write what you know’, they said. I dismissed all of that, learnt the basics of (and will forever refine) my craft, and continue to ignore the enormity of the challenge I’ve set myself.

I hope the above summary convinces you to subscribe to my weekly output in all its various forms.

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Writing prose and poetry as both speculation on near-future society and commentary on my author journey.


Johnathan Reid

Speculative fiction and poetry writer. Humanist. Skeptic. Futurist. Prefers thoughts to prayers. Not dead yet.