Author Journey

Vote on the "Yin vs. Yang" tendency whilst ignoring the 'silent majority'.
(3/3) The joy of predicting a fictional future diminishes with increasing years.
(2/3) Creative examples from the technology ideation process described in Part 1.
(1/3) Feasible, plausible, useful - but not necessarily comprehensible.
Strike that last. Hearts will be broken.
A checkpoint summary of my writing to mark the doubling of my audience.
Is the book publishing industry willing and able to defend the autonomy of human authors?
Watching, listening and learning is the key to better character writing.
Sad news (but another glimpse of what I *did* do some Sunday mornings.)
When science fiction isn't enough (for some people).
A glimpse of what I get up to on some Sunday mornings.
A flavour of Book #2 for you to savour.